napa wedding by jenny gg

i was so elated when rachel and adam contacted me about their wedding in napa… i was excited to visit the area for the first time and so thrilled to spend the weekend with this amazing group of people…


there were lemons, limes, artichokes and eggplants in their centerpieces – love!



rachel’s vintage gown had texture AND pockets – sqweee!

RAnapablog-10 RAnapablog-11

sissy did both his and her ties…

RAnapablog-12 RAnapablog-13 RAnapablog-14

both rachel and adam have sisters that are gracious, strong and so incredibly kind – not a ‘zilla’ around for miles on this day…

RAnapablog-15 RAnapablog-16 RAnapablog-17 RAnapablog-18 RAnapablog-19 RAnapablog-20 RAnapablog-21 RAnapablog-22 RAnapablog-23 RAnapablog-24 RAnapablog-25

i thought the tree house was pretty cool…

RAnapablog-26 RAnapablog-27

this group of friends and family was so joyous and lighthearted – every one seemed to have such a bond with each other…

RAnapablog-28 RAnapablog-29 RAnapablog-30 RAnapablog-31 RAnapablog-32 RAnapablog-33 RAnapablog-34 RAnapablog-35 RAnapablog-36

their furbabies were there in spirit…

RAnapablog-37 RAnapablog-38 RAnapablog-39 RAnapablog-40 RAnapablog-41

this sweet gal in peach above is the reason i got connected with rachel and adam…i photographed erin’s reception back in seattle last year at the zoo – i’m so grateful to have this connection made and to get to see erin and her family again…


i want a piano cooling chest!

RAnapablog-43 RAnapablog-44 RAnapablog-45

flowers for adam’s mom sat where she would be…so sweet…

RAnapablog-46 RAnapablog-47 RAnapablog-48 RAnapablog-49 RAnapablog-50 RAnapablog-51 RAnapablog-52 RAnapablog-53 RAnapablog-54 RAnapablog-55 RAnapablog-56 RAnapablog-57 RAnapablog-58 RAnapablog-59 RAnapablog-60 RAnapablog-61 RAnapablog-62 RAnapablog-63 RAnapablog-64 RAnapablog-65

mazel tov!

RAnapablog-66 RAnapablog-67 RAnapablog-68 RAnapablog-69 RAnapablog-70 RAnapablog-71 RAnapablog-72 RAnapablog-73 RAnapablog-74 RAnapablog-75 RAnapablog-76 RAnapablog-77 RAnapablog-78 RAnapablog-79

rachel’s dad is such a great guy…their reception had great food, tons of laughs and there was even cheesecake!

RAnapablog-80 RAnapablog-81 RAnapablog-82 RAnapablog-83 RAnapablog-84 RAnapablog-85 RAnapablog-86 RAnapablog-87 RAnapablog-88 RAnapablog-89 RAnapablog-90 RAnapablog-91 RAnapablog-92 RAnapablog-93 RAnapablog-94 RAnapablog-95 RAnapablog-96 RAnapablog-97 RAnapablog-98 RAnapablog-99 RAnapablog-100 RAnapablog-101 RAnapablog-102 RAnapablog-103 RAnapablog-104

such a wonderful day.

venue – private home in napa




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