destination bellingham – matthew and paul!

same sex wedding in bellingham by jenny gg

matthew and paul brought their “island” destination wedding to bellingham just a few weeks ago.  they chose a lovely vacation rental on a lake and had the key folks in their lives with them.  these two gentlemen…so kind, generous, fun and oh so willing to put up with my shenanigans!

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island decor…a beautiful cake…

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a little music from the islands….

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and even their sweet pup had on a tuxedo…

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jeralita with joyful joinings delivered a sweet ceremony and everyone (including me!) got lei’d!

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paul’s brother and nephew gave them a little ‘here comes the bride’ on the brass…

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i love how the pup is rubbing his face on the paperwork – jack needed to sign it too!

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officiant – jeralita with joyful joinings

catering – kelly’s o’deli catering

cake – let them eat cake

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