saran and corey – their cambodian wedding last month was filled with traditions from her culture and an enormous amount of love from both families…

SarCorblog-2 SarCorblog-3we started our day at their house filled with people, traditional music and some very cool outfits…

SarCorblog-4 SarCorblog-5 SarCorblog-6 SarCorblog-7 SarCorblog-8 SarCorblog-9 SarCorblog-10 SarCorblog-11 SarCorblog-12 SarCorblog-13 SarCorblog-14 SarCorblog-15 SarCorblog-16 SarCorblog-17 SarCorblog-18 SarCorblog-19 SarCorblog-20 SarCorblog-21 SarCorblog-22

saran’s grandfather officiated – he blessed them with sprinkles of water…

SarCorblog-23another part of a traditional cambodian wedding is to “cleanse” the couple with haircuts and then they show them how good they look in the mirror…

SarCorblog-24 SarCorblog-25 SarCorblog-26 SarCorblog-27 SarCorblog-28 SarCorblog-29 SarCorblog-30 SarCorblog-31

the couple then donned different outfits for their ring exchange and then were blessed by having red strings tied to their wrists by any/all of the family members…

SarCorblog-32 SarCorblog-33 SarCorblog-34 SarCorblog-35 SarCorblog-36 SarCorblog-37 SarCorblog-38 SarCorblog-39 SarCorblog-40

they are married!

image by jenny gg photography SarCorblog-42 SarCorblog-43 SarCorblog-44 SarCorblog-45 SarCorblog-46 SarCorblog-47 SarCorblog-48 SarCorblog-49 SarCorblog-50

after their ceremony was complete, the wedding party headed to kubota gardens for some photo fun and super hero t-shirt goodness…

SarCorblog-51 SarCorblog-52 SarCorblog-53 SarCorblog-54 SarCorblog-55 SarCorblog-56 SarCorblog-57

after our walk through the garden, we met their crew for lots of laughs and a little ‘super hero’ action.

SarCorblog-58 SarCorblog-59 SarCorblog-60 SarCorblog-61 SarCorblog-62 SarCorblog-63 SarCorblog-64 SarCorblog-65 SarCorblog-66

off to their reception!

SarCorblog-67 SarCorblog-68 SarCorblog-69 SarCorblog-70 SarCorblog-71 SarCorblog-72 SarCorblog-73 SarCorblog-74 SarCorblog-75

the couple goes table to table, taking shots or doing ‘tricks’ in order to receive additional blessings from the guests…

image by jenny gg photography SarCorblog-77 SarCorblog-78 SarCorblog-79 SarCorblog-80 SarCorblog-81 SarCorblog-82 SarCorblog-83

party on!

SarCorblog-84 SarCorblog-85 SarCorblog-86 SarCorblog-87 SarCorblog-88 SarCorblog-89 SarCorblog-90 SarCorblog-91

reception – tea palace

dj – dj surreal

bouquet – normandy park market

decor – pearl studio

cambodian outfits and hair – david you

makeup – aretas mohamad










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