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bellevue brewing company wedding – brandi and sara!

bellevue brewery wedding by jenny gg

brandi and sara…all the way from texas.  their wedding at the bellevue brewing company was tons of fun and very “them”…and by them, i mean awesome.  i started my day at their rental house on the lake – family and friends all getting ready together – brandi upstairs and sara down…

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there was a point on the stairs where you could see both floors…

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their first look was so tender…

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both sets of parents…each one sassier than the other…

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off to the brewery!

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the boogie down was on point…

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cheers b & s – you’re brilliant!

venue/catering – bellevue brewing company

planning – wishes! wedding and event planning

cake – celebrity cake studio & nothing bundt cakes

hair & makeup – paulo, wavelengths salon

dj & lighting – nw premier audio

tables/chairs/linens – grand event rentals

jen wade rocked the fauxtobooth – CLICK HERE to snag photos from the booth!

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