bell harbor wedding in seattle – mallory and nick!

bell harbor wedding by jenny gg

mallory and nick’s wedding day at bell harbor international conference center was wonderful.  this couple is pure class – an ‘old hollywood’ vibe combined with such a genuine kindness…our day started at the edgewater hotel where mallory got ready and where nick got to see her for the first time…

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while mom and sister got her dressed, the uber-sweet kari got her giggling. i was the lucky girl to photograph kari’s wedding back in 2010 – she and mallory have been friends since 4th grade and i’m so thrilled that she passed my name their way…

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hello handsome…

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with the heavy rain outside, we used the hotel for their portraits and hopped over to the sculpture park’s pavilion for a bit before meeting the wedding party at bell harbor…

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their ceremony space was surrounded by glassybabys and candles galore…mallory’s smile couldn’t have been bigger and nick’s vows made more than a few tears…

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the ballroom was beautiful and i loved their corgi on the cake!

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cougar fight song for dad and then party on!

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great day.

venue/catering – bell harbor international conference center

floral – the flower lab

dj – integral djs

videography – seattle wedding videography

hair/makeup – swink style bar

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