bainbridge island same sex wedding by jenny gg

i was so honored to be present at alyssa and kelly’s wedding – they made me feel like family immediately…and this is a family anyone would be lucky to be a part of.  their day took place on bainbridge island in a backyard overlooking an amazing view of puget sound – it was alyssa’s childhood home and although gorgeous, it is also so very warm and ‘homey’…

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the ladies got ready in side by side rooms…kelly with her sister and alyssa with some buddies

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tying the bow tie required a little google magic…

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i’m in love with their first look – i had them each wait at a corner of the house…

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so much laughter!

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i love to see folks chill a bit before their ceremony…

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their officiant is a scuba buddy – the ‘all ok’ sign!

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the ladies walked back through the house and out to the front yard for a private moment before their party…i might have been in the bushes a bit…

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the hosts…amazing folks…

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i got to work with keys on main twice this summer and they blew that huge yard up!

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after some cake and toasts, we headed down to the beach for a little splashing and a ton more laughs…

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amazing day…amazing women.


entertainment – keys on main

catering – paulson farms

cake – blackbird bakery

rentals – all seasons rentals


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