image by Jenny GG Photography

Jenny GG

Seattle Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Hi, I’m Jenny. I’ve been photographing weddings around Seattle since 2008. I want to produce images that show all of the joy of your wedding day, that show how amazing your family is and just how sweet life can be. Weddings are groovy and I love people. Call me!

Hi!  I'm Jenny GG

I’m here for anyone who has felt 'left out' at a wedding.

As someone who came out and came of age in the 80s, it was hard to see myself represented at weddings.

In fact, I’d only been to two weddings before I photographed a friend’s in 2008—and both times, I was an uncomfortable bridesmaid in a sleeveless dress.

Photographing that first wedding allowed me to see the joy of the day. I was inspired by how a nice lens flare, my enthusiastic candor and a happy, fun-loving couple could make a little photo magic.

Since that first wedding in 2008, I’ve photographed over 700 quirky, lively, and joyful celebrations of love.

Whether your day includes baby penguins, stormtroopers, a New Orleans jazz band, hula dancers, a drag queen officiant, or a mariachi band, I’ll capture it all while helping you feel relaxed, present, and delighted.

All folks are seen, accepted, and valued in my work.

So many of my clients have felt “othered” by the wedding industry. So if that’s you—or you just want to make sure no one else feels left out at your celebration—I’ll be there to help everyone feel seen and appreciated for exactly who they are. It’s important that everyone in my photographs feels included, no matter what.

Celebrating you, just as you are.

Aside from weddings, I photograph prospective adoptive parents, births, families, graduations, engagements, and all the other joyful moments that life gives us.

You’ll catch me telling a few 'dad' jokes, making up goofy songs, and encouraging you to love up on your special someone. Getting you comfy with me and the camera is a key component of my relaxed, gently prompted style.

My goal is to help you see yourself in the same way your loved ones see you.

Other stuff you might like to know.

  • Who I love the most: my wife, our daughter, & our three pups
  • Free time pastimes: nature walks, sleeping in, & spa days
  • Currently watching: reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race & 30 Rock
  • Guilty pleasure: no-bake cookies and a lot of coffee
  • I’m inspired by: yummy sunlight streaming through trees & the visceral spark of energy between a couple on their wedding day
  • What I’d tell my younger self: You are enough, you are worthy, & there are people who will like you just the way you are.