Jenny GG

Seattle Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Hi, I’m Jenny. I’ve been photographing weddings around Seattle since 2008. I want to produce images that prove all of the joy your wedding day, that show how amazing your family is and just how sweet life can be. Weddings are groovy and I love people. Call me!

Hi!  I'm Jenny GG


Your photos are not about me or my ‘art;’ your life is art and I would like to be the one to capture it. I want to create photographs that not only catch the most meaningful moments in your life, but to be a support to your ideas and desires for your photography.


Getting folks comfortable with me and my cameras is so important. See, I can airbrush a zit for you but I can’t change your expression. I’ve been known to sing goofy, made up songs to people, especially when the sun is out and there’s lens flare involved.


My approach to photography is fun, playful and gently prompted. Your photos are about you and your love and the unique things that make you such a great couple; they can show the excitement, fun  and emotion from your wedding day; they can show the joy and laughter when you play with your kids.