2023 weddings recap – jenny gg photography


Hello hello! My 2023 wedding season was filled with lovely couples, some brilliant moments and a ton of joy.  When Kristin saw Mason dancing with her mom, she made the sweetest face…when Megan ‘got’ Royce with the cake…the applause that erupted as Isaac came down the aisle…the mother and son rocking out to tenacious D…I get so excited to catch those moments.   There was a Hallowedding, a baby as best man, taiko drumming, a rainbow flag chuppah and a dog that was so excited to get to the bride that he left his collar mid air.  Oh yeah, there were also a bunch of people in love. That’s the coolest part for sure. Here are some of my most favorite moments of the year!


If you’re still here, thank you so much for taking it all in! I hope it gave a glimpse of the emotion and the fun on these wedding days – 2023 was straight up lovely. Cheers to 2024 and to you!

xo, jenny