2018 portrait recap – ready for change

i discovered that wordpress changed it’s backend since my last posting. i got so frustrated with it today, i almost blew off my ‘year end recap’ with a grump, swear words and a huff. change sucks sometimes. i then started to look at these images below and all of the changes within them…changes we chose and some that were unexpected. folks marrying, couples becoming parents, families getting larger and some families shifting their structure. discomfort in all of those changes for sure, but also so much happiness. thank you to all of the people that asked me to take their picture. this is 2018…

2018 year end recap jenny gg

i was honored to photograph two births in 2018 – it’s the only thing i love to photograph more than a wedding ‘cuz man, it is so amazing to witness.

the chicks above are my family – they make my life so good. thank you jen and lily. i’m so excited for changes in 2019 and for all the moments i’ll get to photograph. peace to you.



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