2014 portraits = more awesomeness!

i’m staying at home this new year’s eve – watching a movie, drinking some spiked cocoa and reflecting on what a great year this has been.  i’ve chosen some favorite moments to share from everything i photograph that isn’t a wedding day.  2014 was filled with couples in love, babies being born and families having fun.  thank you so much for trusting me to document these times in your lives – you guys are awesome.

EOYP14-1 EOYP14-16

EOYP14-14 EOYP14-13 EOYP14-12 EOYP14-11 EOYP14-10 EOYP14-9 EOYP14-8 EOYP14-7 EOYP14-6 EOYP14-4 EOYP14-3 EOYP14-2

EOYP14-17 EOYP14-130a EOYP14-130 image by jenny gg photography image by jenny gg photography EOYP14-125 EOYP14-124 EOYP14-122 EOYP14-121 EOYP14-120 EOYP14-119 EOYP14-118 EOYP14-117 EOYP14-116 EOYP14-115 EOYP14-114 EOYP14-113 EOYP14-112 EOYP14-111 EOYP14-110 EOYP14-109 EOYP14-108 EOYP14-106 EOYP14-105 EOYP14-104 EOYP14-103 EOYP14-102 image by jenny gg photography EOYP14-101a EOYP14-101 EOYP14-100 EOYP14-99 EOYP14-97 EOYP14-96 EOYP14-95 EOYP14-94a EOYP14-94 EOYP14-93 image by jenny gg photography EOYP14-91 EOYP14-90 EOYP14-89 EOYP14-88 EOYP14-87 EOYP14-86 EOYP14-85 EOYP14-84 EOYP14-83 EOYP14-81 EOYP14-80 EOYP14-79 EOYP14-78 EOYP14-75EOYP14-73a

EOYP14-74  EOYP14-73 EOYP14-72 EOYP14-71 EOYP14-70 EOYP14-69 EOYP14-68 EOYP14-67 EOYP14-66 EOYP14-65 EOYP14-64 EOYP14-63 EOYP14-62 EOYP14-61 EOYP14-60 image by jenny gg photography EOYP14-58 EOYP14-57 EOYP14-56 EOYP14-55 EOYP14-54 EOYP14-53 EOYP14-52 EOYP14-51 EOYP14-50 EOYP14-49 EOYP14-48 EOYP14-47 image by jenny gg photography EOYP14-45 EOYP14-44 EOYP14-43 EOYP14-42 EOYP14-41 EOYP14-40 EOYP14-39 EOYP14-38 EOYP14-37 EOYP14-36 image by jenny gg photography EOYP14-34a EOYP14-34 EOYP14-33 EOYP14-32 EOYP14-31 EOYP14-30 EOYP14-29 EOYP14-28 EOYP14-27 EOYP14-26 EOYP14-25 EOYP14-23 EOYP14-22 EOYP14-21 EOYP14-20 EOYP14-19 EOYP14-18


this last image is for sure the most amazing moment i witnessed in 2014 – i am honored when anyone asks me to document their lives, but being there when a baby is born is not only beautiful, but absolutely breathtaking.  here’s to 2015 being a fresh start and to having moments that are breathtaking.  cheers.



  1. jen on January 1, 2015 at 12:18 am

    absolutely beautiful

  2. Didi Von Bargen-Miles on January 4, 2015 at 11:06 am

    Delish – you are best! <3

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